Culture of South Korea

The Culture of South Korea is largely similar to that of North Korea, especially when it comes to age old customs and traditions that are followed even today. However, the two nations have developed distinct forms of contemporary culture ever since the peninsula was divided in the year 1945. Some popular forms of art and craft that developed as an inherent part of the Culture of South Korea were metalwork, sculpture, painting and ceramics. In the recent times, Western and particularly the US influences have had a major impact on the Culture of South Korea. The latest Korean cultural phenomenon to have made a mark in Asia is the Korean pop culture that is popularly known by the name of Hallyu or Korean Wave.
Culture of South Korea: Ancient Customs and Traditions – Some of the centuries old customs and traditions that have still been retained by South Korea are its cuisine, ancestor worship, blood line and some Confucianism ideals. The most common staple foods in South Korea are steamed rice, bulgogi , Korean style beef BBQ, gimbap, Mandu or dumplings, Doenjang jjigae or fermented soybean paste, Japchae or boiled sweet potato starch noodles mixed with fried vegetables, Tteokbokki, Bibimbap and Kimchi or fermented vegetables. The Culture of South Korea has shown major differences before and after the penetration of Western concepts.
Contemporary Culture of South Korea – The modern culture of South Korea is heavily dictated by the recent most wave of state of the art technology that has hit the country. These especially include a host of feature-rich cell phones and pervasive online games that have flooded the South Korean markets. In fact, it might come to you as a surprise that as of today South Korea has the highest penetration of high-speed internet access to households in the whole world. The South Koreans were inducted to the world of computer games as a major form of sport, whereby professional leagues were held and televised with announcers, professional players and major corporate giants sponsored such event.
Culture of South Korea: Literature – The early Korean literature drew heavily from Shamanism, Buddhism and Confucianism. The literary tradition in Korea began as an oral tradition and mostly dealt with the depiction of love of nature and man as a part of it.

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