Culture of Spain

Spain is a democratic country situated in the South of Europe. Its official name is the Kingdom of Spain. The specialty of this nation lies in its museums, art galleries, mountains, beaches and parks. It is a chief tourist destination in Europe and has a glorious heritage of culture. Culture of Spain is very varied. Its roots can be traced to the Roman Catholicism, Celt Iberian, Semitic and Latin cultures. There are 17 autonomous communities including the Balearics and the Canaries that constitutes the monarchy of Spain. Spain is blessed with a variety of languages. The four official languages in Spain are Castilian Spanish, Basque, Catalan and Galician. There are many local dialects like Andulucian and Valencian.
The colorful Culture of Spain can be recognized through its various festivals, music, languages and even its cuisine. Its history and the Mediterranean climate have also played an important role in shaping the culture of Spain. Culture of a place is mirrored in the various festivals, traditions and customs that are peculiar to the place. Christmas is the main festival celebrated here. There is a huge celebration of Christmas in Spain compared to other western countries. Other festivals in Spain include Carnival, Fallas, San Fermin, Bonfire of Saint John, Mystery Play of Elx, Tomatina, Semena Santa.
Bull fighting is a part of the Culture of Spain. It was originated in 711 A. D. Number of people throughout the world visit Spain every year to watch the exciting bull fights.Music of Spain includes heavy metal, rock and roll, hip-hop and punk rock. Electronic music is also increasingly becoming popular here. Flamenco is the most popular Spanish folk music. Its sensuality, intensity and capacity to express emotions highly fascinate all.
Spain has a glorious heritage of art and architecture. There are many art galleries and museums that attract the tourists. The nightlife of Spain is equally interesting. In the evening, the streets are crowded and all the cafes and bars are full, reflecting the different hues of the Spanish Culture. Every year more and more tourists come to this place to feast on the glorious Spanish culture. A trip to this place is incomplete without an insight in to the culture of Spain.
Bull Running is a part of the Culture of Spain. It was originated in 711 A. D. Number of people through-out the world visit Spain every year to watch the exciting bull fighting.
Knowing about the Culture of Spain, it is not surprising that Spain has become a main tourist destination in Europe. Due to its glorious culture, Spain is attracting more and more tourists. Number of tourists from different parts of the world visit Spain to enjoy Spanish food, beaches, museums, art galleries, sports and festivals.

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