Culture of Switzerland

One can find a mixture of cultures in Switzerland ranging from German to Italian and French. The Culture of Switzerland is a combination of cultural, linguistic, musical and literary influences from all these three nations. The highlight of the Swiss culture is the warm heartedness of the people and their love for life! The culture is also reflected through the celebration of various festivals observed here.Pleasures of Switzerland tours can be enhanced if tourists have an idea of the Culture of Switzerland so as to enjoy the place better.
Natives in Switzerland observe feast days in honor of their local saints. Harvest festivals are celebrated to gather the seasonal crops like fruits and wine. These festivals are celebrated particularly in the Swiss countryside. Another grand celebration of Switzerland is Christmas, when all, the young and the old celebrate together this festival of brotherhood. The Jazz Festival is also an important event that attracts many filmmakers from all over the world.
Culture of Switzerland can also be understood through the passion for learning displayed by the Swiss natives also mirrored through their fine institutions. Some of the world famous museums and libraries are located in this country. A wide range of books and works of art by eminent artists can be found in the Swiss National Library in Berne and the National Museum in Zurich. In the museums of Switzerland, you will find the works of many great masters. There are also many monasteries and castles in Switzerland that have good historical collections, which attract tourists visiting Switzerland.
Many Swiss writers have achieved international fame their works have also been beautifully preserved in the museums and galleries located across the various cities in the country.Folk music of Switzerland is very soulful and melodious and tourists visiting the country especially love to feast on them. Many musicians are still playing the unique Alpenhorn, a form of musical instrument, across the country. Switzerland hosts a large number of music festivals like the annual Montreux Jazz Festival while Zurich has a grand auditorium called the Opera Houser where many of the world’s best singers perform.
Talks of Switzerland Culture is incomplete without mentioning the delectable and mouth watering cuisine of the place. Swiss chocolates, cheese and fondue… the list is endless, savor on these delicacies and find out for yourself.Switzerland is also famous for apple cidar, wines, and various meat dishes like sausages and pies. The tourists visiting Switzerland can enjoy tasting these tasty confections of Switzerland.

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