Culture of Taiwan

The Culture of Taiwan is a hybrid blend of Confucianist Han Chinese cultures, Japanese, European, American, global, local and indigenous influences, which are often perceived in both traditional and modern understandings.The common socio-political experience in Taiwan gradually developed into a sense of Culture of Taiwan and a feeling of Taiwan Culture awareness, which has been widely debated domestically.
idea Bentuhua or Taiwanese localization/indigenization has become, arguably, the most important symbol of The Culture of Taiwan over the past twenty years. Bentuhua describes the social and cultural movement by the people of Taiwan to identify with Taiwan’s unique historical and cultural legacy and, it has been argued, to reject the prior many of the prior symbols of authentic Chinese’s the KMT promoted as an authoritarian government.
Taiwanese Culture has a strong affinity with religion , it is but an obvious interlude to all things that feature in daily Taiwanese life. The Culture of Taiwan is always very keenly associated with the religion of the island. The prevalent form of religious belief in Taiwan is the traditional Chinese blend of Buddhism, Taoism, and Chinese folk religion, including ancestor worship. However, there are also large numbers of devotees to each of these belief systems . Confucianism remains a major influence on personal philosophy and ethics. The government on Taiwan has continued the tradition of honoring Confucius and his lineal descendants.
A number of Taiwanese religious organizations have extended their operations beyond the island. Several organizations, especially Buddha’s Light International Association and Tzu Chi, have extended their operations around the world. There are frequent contacts between Matsu temples in Taiwan and those in Fujian on the mainland. Likewise, there are close contacts between Buddhist organizations in Taiwan and those on the mainland.
Popular Culture – Taiwanese Culture of the 20th century wreaks a strong smell of all things western, Taiwan has a strong connection to basket ball and overall entertainment industry of Japan. Karaoke is incredibly popular in Taiwan, where it is termed KTV (Karaoke Television). This is an example of something the Taiwanese have drawn, on scale, from contemporary Japanese culture. Pachinko is another example. During typhoons, many young Taiwanese will spend the day away singing karaoke or playing mahjong. Many people enjoy watching miniseries collectively called Taiwanese drama.

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