Culture of Tonga

The culture of Tonga is considered one of the most ancient cultures of the world. The Culture of Tonga can be aptly described as rich and splendid. The island of Tonga has been inhabited since the late Lapita times. The enchanting island country of Tonga boasts of being the earliest settlements of the world. The culture of Tonga has undergone a great change since its inception more than three thousand years back. Before the European explorers arrived in Tonga in the later part of the 17th century the people of Tonga were in constant touch with the residents of Samoa, and Fiji.
Fiji and Samoa are the two closest neighbors of the beautiful island of Tonga. The Tongan culture underwent a radical transformation with the arrival of the Christian missionaries and the Western traders. The spectacular island country of Tonga boasts of being a potpourri of cultures. The indigenous Culture of Tonga can be experienced in the architecture, crafts, and art of the beautiful island country of Tonga. Though the culture of Tonga is shaped by the influence of various cultures the enchanting island country of Tonga boasts of a well-preserved cultural legacy.
Art, craft and architecture are the integral components of the Culture of Tonga. The foreign tourists coming for tours in Tonga can get first hand knowledge of the culture of Tonga. In the present times many of the local residents of Tonga are migrating to the nearby countries including United States, New Zealand and Australia for better employment opportunities. This is also playing a significant role in influencing the present culture of Tonga as the Tongan diaspora maintain a close tie with the relatives back home. This has given rise to two sets of cultures in Tonga viz. the traditional Tongan culture and the Western culture.
The western culture is followed by the Tongan diaspora when they come to visit their friends and family back home. The Tongans are capable of adapting different cultures owing to the island’s exposure to various cultural influences since the ancient times. The culture of Tonga continues to be a fascinating topic for the anthropologists.

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