Culture of Tripura

Tripura’s Culture represents a fine blend of traditional and contemporary aspects. The society of Tripura primarily comprises of a number of tribal groups. Manipuri and Bengali communities are the other human groups that are inhabiting the land of Tripura from a very long time.

Tripura was one of the exclusive independent units of India even in the days of British rule. Previously, Tripura was under the dominion of the famous Manikya Empire. In fact the rulers of Manikya Dynasty governed Tripura fro a considerable period of time. It was only in the year 1972 that Tripura had been recognized as one of the Indian states.

The social structure of Tripura shows a harmonious co-existence of various tribal communities and other general human groups. There are various marriage customs and property inheritance system that showcases the inherent traits of the society of Tripura. Bengali speaking people are known to constitute a major portion of the total population of Tripura. There are Manipuri communities too that are living in the land of Tripura from ancient ages.

The cultural domain of Tripura is rich with a wide gamut of various multi-dimensional features. Festivals, folk dance and music are the prime elements of the Tripura culture. Being one of the oldest places of India, surrounded by hilly terrains, Tripura boasts of a number of folk dances. Each and every tribe of Tripura has its own line of dance and music tradition.

The festivals like Kharchi Puja, Garja Puja, Durga Puja and Ker Puja are celebrated in the state of Tripura with much fanfare. All the tribal communities, along with the Bengalis and Tripuris, join in the festivals of Tripura that take place at different time of the year.

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