Culture of Tuvalu

Tuvalu has a rich culture. The Culture of Tuvalu throws light on the following aspects of music and dancing prevalent and widely practiced in the country. Culture of Tuvalu provides you information on the popular dance forms and music, along with the sports that is played in the region. The traditional sport that is played in Tuvalu is kilikiti, which is similar to cricket.
As part of your Tuvalu travel, it is quite interesting to know that the traditional community system still survives to a large extent in Tuvalu. Each family has its own task or salanga to perform for the entire community, such as fishing, house building and defense. The responsibilities of a family are passed on from father to son.
Tuvalu is an island nation consisting of 8 inhabited islands in the Pacific Ocean. The traditional music of the Polynesian people consists of a number of dances, including fatele, fakanu and fakaseasea. These dances were performed to celebrate leaders and other prominent individuals.
The culture of Tuvalu can be described as a fine blending of the musical excellence of the people with the unique dances that are widely practiced in Tuvalu. The music of the country is contemporary and older styles co exists with the present type of music.
Lyricism is an important part of the fatele tradition, which begins with the older men singing a song in a meeting hall or maneapa. Gradually repeating the song louder and quicker as the others join in and they also use empty cabin cracker cans to play the rhythm. Dancers beautifully enact the story being retold and the music finally climaxes and ends abruptly.

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