Culture of UAE

The deep rooted Islamic Culture of UAE has helped it to maintain a strong bond with the rest of the Arab world. UAE government is very careful about preservation UAE Culture and Tradition. The first step regarding this is the establishment of the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation. The rich cultural heritage of the Emirates has always attracted tourists from all over the world. Most of the citizens are Muslims in UAE and Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Persi and Buddhist comprise the rest. With Muslim majority Culture of UAE is enriched with Islamic heritage and tradition.
Despite the predominance of Islamic culture you will find there Hindu Temples and Sikh Gurdwara. Christian churches are also present in UAE. Cosmopolitan atmosphere is gradually growing. As a result you will find there a variety of Asian-influenced schools, cultural centers and themed restaurants. Increasing number of European centers, schools, and restaurants are also can be seen in today’s UAE.
Etiquette is an important aspect of UAE Culture and Tradition. The visitors here are expected to show manners and etiquette. If you are well accustomed with UAE Culture and customs it will helpyou to get closer to the local people. The Culture of UAE has evolved from the local people’s deep rooted faith in Islam from the ancient days. And now Islam is more than just a religion and has deep impact on the daily life of the local people. The local residents maintain a strict guideline on manners, behavior and dress code which the visitors are also expected to acknowledge while they are on UAE Tours.
Cultural of UAE is a rich blend of traditional Arab including the Bedouin culture and Islamic culture. Presently the culture of UAE is consistently being enriched with contemporary elements. The Ministry’s Cultural Department plays the key role to preserve the cultural heritages and retain the country’s tradition. The Department regularly publish books related to heritage, culture, art and theater. Several lectures, seminars and other cultural activities and events are organized by the Ministry’s Cultural Department in UAE. Participating in international book fairs and cultural exhibitions also helps a lot in cultural exchange and introducing the rich Cultural of UAE to a global audience.

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