Culture of USA

Culture of USA has been a blend of varied influences of the different tribes and races who have inhabited the place from historical times. America has been the witness and home to different European settlers. At present however, the country, a multi cultural one, has grown a culture of its own. Apple pie, baseball, and the American flag form the integral part of Culture of USA. Resulting from its strong ties with Britain, the Culture of USA is primarily British. It was because of British influence that English language, legal system were introduced to the country. At present, English language is the official language of the country. There were noted influences from other parts of Europe too as there were a large number of immigrants from different parts of Ireland, Germany, Poland, and Italy.
The Culture of USA is also influenced by the Native American peoples who mostly came from the western Part of Africa. There were people from host of Countries in Europe, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain among others. The cultural practices and the food of the Americans reflect a perfect blend of all these cultural tends. However the strongest influence was that of the Britain, Ireland and Germany. Due to the wide extent of the American culture, there has been divisions inside the country into different subcultures. These are vividly seen in the cultural practices of the people in different parts of the country. American has often been referred to as the melting point of these existing culture.
Present day America has been the home to a lot of Asians too. People from all Asian countries have flocked to this country. The Asians have introduced Asian culture, religions, dress and food to USA. Like today the Americans are fond of Chinese food like Chowmein as well delicacies from other Asian countries. The immigration and settlement of the Asians and their subsequent establishments of Asian shops in USA have popularized Asian food in the country. Asian dresses have become popular with the Americans too. A young American is often spotted flaunting in Asian Dress

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