Customs and Traditions in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian monarchial government recognizes the Quran as the Constitution of the country. The Customs and Traditions in Saudi Arabia are based on the tenets mentioned in the Quran.
Hospitality and guest care are primary features of the Customs and Traditions in Saudi Arabia. When a guest is invited to a local household on formal or friendly purpose the former is treated to a cup of coffee and date palms. This is an ancient custom and is a sign of hospitality. If a guest is invited to a meal then the guest should leave behind some food on his plate to show that his appetite has been satisfied. Inmates of the family may request the guest for a subsequent meal and in that case the guest should oblige and give the family some token gift in return as a gesture of honor.
The Culture of Saudi Arabia is framed by the Customs and Traditions in Saudi Arabia. Traditional garments are a must wear for the people of Saudi Arabia. Foreigners and tourists however are not required to follow this dress pattern. The Cuisine in Saudi Arabia is also partly influenced by the Traditions and Customs of Saudi Arabia in Asia. Since the Religion in Saudi Arabia is Islam most of the Customs of Saudi Arabia overlap with the Islamic customs. One such custom is the prohibition of consumption of alcohol and the eating of pork.
There are certain customs pertaining to the admittance of animals into the realm. ‘Hunter dogs’ and ‘guard dogs’ are only allowed to enter the country. Any animal that enters the country has to have certificates from Veterinary doctors approved by the Customs Department.
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