Cycling in Cambodia

Cycling is an ideal way to discover Cambodia and get an accurate impression of the Khmer culture. See the real world of daily life and take you off the beaten track into the heart of the country. Explore the facets of the
Khmer empire with experienced guides but also a glimpse into rural Cambodian life. More than cycling, meeting with the people and interacting with the community. You will enjoy local food to experience rural Cambodia at its most authentic. There are cycling guides in Cambodia which are members of Cambodia Cycling Federation. They are proud and eager to promote cycling across Cambodia and the region and will guide you in best way to explore the Cambodia in better manner and in an enjoyable way. In this tourist activity you will get more fun to roaming in Cambodia because you will see the nature and culture of Cambodia in a close way and you can discover some of your own path when you are on your cycle which will not possible when you are travelling around Cambodia by car or travel bus. Be sure that you are physically fit to engage in this activity, avoid this cycling activity if you are pregnant or suffering with any kind of illness. Better to consult your physician first to enjoy this activity. If all is Ok! Then Cambodia is waiting for you.

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