Cycling in Croatia

Cycling in Croatia is yet another of the adventurous trip that is taken up by the localites and the foreign travelers. Cycling in Croatia would take you through some of the most interesting mountain trails, woodland tracks and also through the residential areas. Cycling in Croatia takes us through the city and offers you a good glimpse of the city and the surrounding places.

Cycling in Croatia is also one of major recreational festivals. The first festival of the recreational Cyclists festival was held in Koprivnica. The festival is held in mid June. It is a two day festival. It is organized with the help of the Croatian Association of Recreational Sports and also the Biciklin Oldtimer Club. Many people get together to watch the festival and participants from in and around Croatia partake in this competition.
Croatia is an ideal place to go for cycling tours as there are many routes in Croatia. It is good to go for cycling in the morning hours through the shady pathways of Mountain Kamenjak. From here you can get a spectacular view of the rising sun.

There are other routes that pass by Island Cres, Cres Marina through Grmov, Lubenice, Valun to Island Cres. Cycling through these areas would take you through serene and beautiful landscape of Cres Marina. The place also has facilities for parking and resting for the bikers.
The Makarska-Croatia is also another of the routes that is taken up by the bikers for cycling in Croatia.

There are also cross country cycling tours that are taken up by the bikers. There is a Balkan Tour that starts from Bayrueth to Split and Rijeka via Dieter Kleiner. It is a long distance tour and cover almost 2700 kilometers. Bikers also go from Spain to Turkey via Italy and Croatia. The bikers follow the course along the northern Mediterranean Sea, the coast of Spain, France, North Italy, Croatia, Greece to turkey.

Cycling in Croatia is thus one of the most important tours taken up by both the locals and foreigners.

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