Cyprus Boat Trips For Another View Of Cyprus

Why are Cyprus boat trips so popular? An intrinsic part of the Cyprus life style is the sea and Cyprus is fortunate to be surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean ocean. The waters are warm and stay that way right through from the end of May until the end of October whilst never dropping much below 16c even in the short Cyprus winter. Most Cyprus families possess a boat of some kind or at least has a relative who owns one and during the summer months they will make the maximum use of them. The small marinas and harbors that have sprung up all over the Island are an indication of the increasing popularity of this fun filled pastime involving Cyprus boat trips.

It is no surprise therefore that the there is a huge selection of Cyprus boat trips on offer to holiday makers which will sail out of all the major resorts. There is no doubt that a boat is a great way to see parts of Cyprus that would otherwise be inaccessible by land including some of the Islands prettiest bays and beaches. A relaxing Cyprus boat trip is also a great way to chill out and take in the beautiful coastal scenery or maybe you would enjoy snorkeling in the crystal clear Mediterranean waters. If you want to see the fish firsthand take some crumbled bread in a waterproof (plastic) bag and release it under the water. You will soon be swimming in a cloud of some of the most beautiful fish.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous you could hire a power boat by the hour with your friends or family. They are easy to sail and will take up to eight people which spreads the cost making the trip pretty cost effective too. Then you get to go where you like (within reason) when it suits you. Your own Cyprus boat trip with you as the captain! There is a great choice of craft available for hire and the prices do vairy so it’s worth shopping around first for the best deal. You might even want to make a day of it and pack a cool box picnic then stop off in a secluded bay for some private sun bathing or snorkling without the hassle of the resort beaches.

For most folks the slow relaxing cruise is their preferred kind of Cyprus boat trip maybe even including a meal and some long cool drinks onboard. If that sounds like you then you are in for a real treat because there are some fabulous cruises that sail out of the bigger resorts. You can choose from a moonlight dinner cruise or even a floating disco if that’s what floats your boat (forgive the pun). You can even go the whole hog should you so desire with a mini cruise to Egypt or the Holy land sailing out of Limassol for 2 or 4 days of luxury travel. These modern ships have everything you will need including several restaurants and a casino! Once in port a fleet of luxury air conditioned coaches will transport you to all the places of interest including a little shopping and then return you in the evening for dinner on board. That’s what you call a real Cyprus boat trip.

O.K. so you don’t want to chug around on a cruise ship or or dine with the oldies, you want action! Well if it’s action you want there is plenty of that to had on a Cyprus boat trip too. The latest craze for you adrenaline junkies out there is the new breed of rib type boats. These sea going monsters have so much horse power hanging over the back of them it’s a wonder they don’t fly over the waves. In fact if you want a bumpy fun filled ride combined with a stop off for some swimming or snorkeling this is your baby. With a name like Raptor these brightly colored sea dragsters look like they’re doing 100 MPH even when standing still. If you love boats and power, at around cyp25.00 a seat for a 3-4 hour trip this is the ultimate of Cyprus boat trips.

Then again maybe your idea of sailing is just that, sailing. You know, boats with those big white sheets tied onto those sticky up things called masts. The wind does the work (along with the crew) whilst you relax and experience the thrill of a real yacht under sail. There are several modern catamarans and even a traditional schooner offering organized trips for those who prefer sailing to power boating. They offer dinner on board and cater for parties or weddings too if you should want to make your big day extra special. Whatever you decide you can be sure that your Cyprus holiday will be all the more memorable if you do something out of the ordinary and what could be more memorable than Cyprus boat trips.