Daisetsuzan N.P. is the largest National Park in Japan. It consists of several mountain groups, volcanoes, forests and lakes. It is incredibly good for hiking and skiing.

The main entrances to the park are in Kamikawa and Asahikawa in the North, Furano in the West and Shintoku in the south. all of these cities can be reached by train from Sapporo.

There are many options for hiking here, from a few hours to a week or more across the whole park. There are trails connecting the far south to the far north, also out east. Daisetsuzan is bigger than Kanagawa prefecture and to hike all the trails takes not days but years!

In southern Daisetsuzan (Furano Area) you can find fuming volcanoes, spring flowers galore, waterfall canyons, shy Pikkas, local hotels and much more. The only thing Southern Daisetsuzan doesn’t have is a ropeway.

Sounkyo is the main tourist hub in the park. There are a bunch of ugly hot springs hotels. Nearby the hotels are waterfalls and the trail/ rope-way to Kuro Dake.

There are many huts in the mountains you can stay for free in. Be sure to Filter or boil your water from rivers and lakes in Hokkaido.

Furano is one of Japan’s best skiing resorts with excellent facilities for powder skiing. It is easily reached from Asahikawa or takikawa by train.

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