Facing the sea on three sides, proud of its neatness, Dalian is a beautiful port city at the southern tip of Liaoning Peninsula. With one million sq meters of lawn downtown and some 10 million trees planted in the suburbs, Dalian is one of the country’s cleanest cities. The sunny beach and clearly demarcated seasons make it the pleasant resort in summer. Governing six districts, three cities and one county, Dalian covers an area of 12,500 sq kilometers with 5,370,000 inhabitants. Having the largest harbor in the northeast, it is an important base of water production and fruit in China. Dalian is also the home of track and fields and the famous soccer team unbeaten in 39 matches. The flourishing coastal city of Dalian is the major port for China’s northeast province and one of the most prosperous cities in China.

The varied styles of buildings here are particularly attractive with a colonial legacy of Russian, European and Japanese architecture. Crossed by old, colorful trams, the city exhibits some wonderful temperaments of traditional leisure and modern vigor.