Known under the French as Tourane, Da Nang is Vietnam ‘s fourth largest city, with a population of over one million. Located on the west bank of the Han River, this region, until the 15th century, was the border between the Cham and the Dai Viet kingdoms. A natural barrier – the Hai Van Pass, a rocky ridge towering over 1,000 metres – separated the two kingdoms.

Since the 19th century, Da Nang has been an important port in central Vietnam, taking over Hoi An, which is further out.

Home to one of the largest American military bases during the Vietnam War, Da Nang saw some of the heaviest fighting of the entire war! Our Da Nang Destination Guide and our Da Nang Tour Suggestions will tell you all you need to know about the best places to visit in Da Nang. For tips on how to get around in Da Nang, read our Da Nang Transportation Guide… at www.dananghotels.co.cc