Dance and Music in Mizoram

The music and dance of Mizoram are basically performed during the festivals and recreations. Most of the dance and music of Mizoram are performed in groups.

The Popular Traditional Dances of Mizoram are:

Cheraw or Bamboo Dance – This is the most colourful and distinct dance of the Mizos. Long bamboo staves are used for this dance, therefore many people call it ‘Bamboo Dance’.

Khuallam – This is a dance performed by a group of dancers, in colorful costumes, tapping their feet to the tunes of gongs and drums. Originally Khuallam was a dance performed by honoured ‘invitees’ while entering into the area where community feast used to take place.The ceremony is accompanied by a feast and to this feast, friends from nearby villages are invited – hence, Khuallam is the dance of the guests.

Chheihlam – This dance is performed over a round of rice beer in the cool of the evening. The lyrics in triplets are normally fresh and spontaneous. On-the-spot compositions are made, recounting their heroic deeds and escapades and also lauding the honoured guests present there.

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