Dance of Argentina – Argentine Tango

Dance of Argentina is a widely known art form across the world. The Argentine Tango is the most popular form of the dance of Argentina and is also the biggest dance forms across the world. Apart from the tango, Argentine dance is also characterized by various traditional rural dances. Chamame, cuarteto and folk dances are the most popular dance forms. These dance forms had its origins in Argentina and is still practiced in the country. Embark on extensive Argentina tours and learn more about the various dance forms of Argentina.

The dance of Argentina is characterized by the Argentine Tango, which today has become an essential part of the culture of Argentina. Buenos Aires was the birthplace of the Argentine Tango and is today a popular form of dance amongst tango lovers throughout the world. Tango is popular amongst the tango lovers from all across the world, various dancers and the youth population.

Contrary to mannered ballroom dancing, tango, the popular dance of Argentina is often the seediest, but elegant at times. A sensuous and passionate rhythm always characterizes tango. Originating in the 1880’s, tango has since then developed into one of the most popular forms of dance across the world. Travelers will get to know about its essence, the melodramatic lyrics and movements Buenos Aires and other parts of the part on tours to Argentina.

Real tango music and dance of Argentina are poignant manifestations of the emotions and lives of the people of Argentina. Tango songs and dances are a authentic source of poetic history which chronicles the historic events about Argentina and Buenos Aires.

Apart from tango, Chamame is one of the popular forms of dance of Argentina. Having its roots in Argentina, the Chamame is a dance form with two people dancing in cheek-cheek embrace. This dance form originated in parts of Northern Argentina by various immigrants from Czechoslovakia, Poland, Austria and Germany. They brought in along with them waltzes, mazurkas and polkas from these countries. These rhythms fused with Amerindian traditions and African music and the popular dance form Chamame developed. Raul Barboza cut a figure in the dance and music scene in Argentina, and was a celebrated artist in the 1990s in Europe. Cuarteto and Argentine Folk dance are other important forms of dance of Argentina.

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