Dances of Jharkhand

Jharkhand dance forms are a medium of expressing one’s feelings, some story or any other event. Most of these folk dances in Jharkhand are performed by the local tribes. These dances not only reflect their mood or dancing talent but also bring into light their culture, traditions and beliefs.

The performance of folk dance in Jharkhand does not await the arrival of any particular festival; most of these dances are performed during all the important festivals and occasions such as while welcoming the guests, change of seasons, etc.

The tribe that performs the folk dance at Jharkhand is the Kunjbans. They are the main performers of folk dances all across the state. Their performance is so widely popular that they have already performed in places such as Europe, United States, Asia and India.

The Indian government has now taken up the initiative of promoting these talents and the folk dance of Jharkhand. The first step towards this was to register it with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). The main aim of this organization is to promote Indian arts in various regions of the country as well as in foreign land.

Enjoy the folk dance of Jharkhand for they would add more fervor to your fun and you would remember it throughout your life.

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