Dances of Tripura

The dances of Tripura are elegant and rhythmic. Music and dance forms an inseparable part of the culture of the state. The state of Tripura has a rich cultural heritage. The cosmopolitan culture has been continuously enriching it. It is inhabited by 19 tribal communities, Manipuris, Bengalis and people belonging to many other communities. All the communities have their own distinct dance forms. Most of the folk dances of Tripura are performed during festivals or on festive occasions.

The dances of Tripura are performed by both men and women. They generally wear traditional dresses while performing the dance. The dances of Tripura are accompanied by a number of the musical Instruments like bamboo cymbal, Khamb, Flute made of bamboo, Khenggarang, Dhukuk etc. The traditional essence of these dances are maintained even today.

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