Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is EUROPE’S NEWEST LAND and one of the most impressive areas in Europe.

Not only is it part of UNESCO World Heritage, since 1991, but the Danube Delta is the best conserved of European Deltas.

After flowing through 7 countries, the mighty Danube splits in three branches: Chilia at the North, Sulina (in the center) and Saint George (at South), forming the Danube Delta.

Counting the big lakes in the south, Razelm and Sinoe, the total surface is 5050 km. Only 732 km belong to Ukraine, the rest being in Romania.

Danube’s delta is an alluvial plain, with a declination of is of only 0,006 . There are lakes, marshes, channels, streamlets.


The Danube Delta is a favorite destination for birds and bird watchers as well. There are over 325 different species of birds that feed, breed and find shelter in Danube Delta.

Words’ biggest continuous formations of reed, numerous species of plants and small animals.

Impressive landscape like Letea Forest (protected area), with a jungle-like vegetation or Cardon Forest, as well as the Black Sea coast.


Birdwatching. That the main reason why people from allover the world go to Danube Delta each year.

Canoeing or kayaking. The water running slowly or the speed of a channel formed by the Danube flooding a lake, the Danube itself or a hidden lake, all can be used for canoeing. Many of the canoeing tours in Danube Delta combine this activity with birdwatching or fishing.

Fishing. The main reason for many Romanians to visit Danube Delta is fishing. Sturgeons, pike-perch, the carp, the tench or the wels catfish are only few of the species populating the Danube and the lakes.

On the beach. The beach at Sulina offer biggest number of yearly sunny days in Romania. The sand is great, the water is shallow allowing kids or people not swimming well to practice swimming safety.


May and October are perfect for birding. Birds migration is a unique show, with a great director, Mother Nature. You shouldn’t miss this.

During summertime days are longer, sun is heating and the weather is perfect for sunning on the beach or swimming in the Black Sea. Some mosquito repellent should be considered however.

In wintertime keen birdwatcher can see unique species of birds, that come here from the North only for the winter.

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