Debe is a linear town, strung out along the SS Erin Road about midway from the ‘second city’ of San Fernando to Siparia, and located in the island of Trinidad (West Indies). It is rapidly developing, and despite being primarily known for agricultural production, has now developed a reputation as a vibrant and expanding commercial area. Property values have risen in past years and many new businesses have opened along the main road SS Erin Road including insurance companies, fast food outlets, entertainment centres etc.

Debe has been traditionally an ‘Indian’ area where descendents of Indian immigrants settled, but with the introduction of low cost housing schemes by the Government, there has been a small explosion in the population size in recent years. Labour is not confined to agricultural production, Debe has given Trinidad fine young professionals in nearly every field of work.

The reputation of Debe is firmly cemented in it’s famous ‘doubles’, a delicious curry made from chick peas and served sandwiched between two small round and soft flour chappatis. These are sold in roadside stalls in the central hub, an area known to locals as ‘Bara Plaza’. The round chappatis in the ‘doubles’ are known as ‘bara’. Also famous for ‘aloo pies’ and other delicious delicacies, people drive from all over the island of Trinidad to Debe to purchase these popular and savoury items. It is not unusual to find Trinidadians taking along their foreign visitors to sample the unique cuisine.

The area is administered to by the Penal/Debe Corporation, a branch of the Local Government Ministry.