Desert of Morocco

Looking at the desert’s first dunes is like an initiation. Silence, aridity, lack of movement and the sky, the vertical and spiritual dimension, deliberate humility

Planned Route
Once at Errachidia, you will feel that you’re getting close to the desert. A magical stop at the blue Meski springs to refresh yourself… Already you know that after this, water will be scarcer. If you drive at night under a full moon, the scene will be like in the westerns. Tumbleweeds roll around in the breeze. The adventure begins, the ground exhales an exquisite odor of dust heated by the sun. Already, imperceptibly, your spirit is getting ready for the most captivating of experience.

Mischievous Children
A stop, kebabs sizzling in the night, and tenderly mischievous children who offer you little figures woven from rustic grass. Another world. Finally, Erfoud and its 700,000 date palm trees. The blazing, maddening sun. The heat is calming, torpor civilizes, you are warmly welcomed.

The Surrounding Area
To get to the first pink dunes of Merzouga, you have to leave at dawn. Perched on the roof of a 4X4, sniff this still-mild air. The sun rises over the gigantic dunes. Climb and look. Nothing, just a sea of sand lifted by powerful unmoving breakers. No-one talks any more. You are alone beneath the sky. In an unexpected way, it encourages thought and introspection. On the way back, appearing from nowhere, children offer you fossils. No, it’s not a mirage.


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