Desert Safari in India

Desert Safari in India beckons you to the arid deserts of Rajasthan and explore its vast territories. Desert Safari in India are organized by many professional agencies and makes your India Tours a memorable experience. You can get in touch with the respective travel agencies and be a part of Desert Safari in India.

The thrilling experience of a Desert Safari in India takes you to the interiors of the Thar which is still widely unexplored. The arid climatic conditions, which one might experience during the course of Desert Safari in India, remains as a challenge for you. But the affable people whom you will meet during the course of Desert Safari in India will stay in your pleasant memories.

There are many kinds of programs which are lined up for you .The ethnic culture, traditions, rituals and customs of the people will surely enlighten you. The tribal folk dances and the songs which are performed for you will surely enchant you.

You can witness some of the best palaces which stand on the boundaries of the desert and enjoy a fascinating camel ride. The camel is termed as the ship of the desert and no desert safari is complete without it. You can traverse on the camel and tread across some of the most exotic desert vegetation like the cacti and the acacia.

You can marvel at the sight of some of the most amazing pieces of architecture like the Hawa Mahal, Mehrangar fort, Jaisalmer fort and get intrigued by the history associated with them. Some of the great battles which took place during the time of the Rajputs had taken place in these desert terrains and you can listen to the tales of martyrdom and sacrifice.
Some of the isolated villages which are found inside these sandy deserts can also act as an abode for your rest.

You can rest inside the tents and experience the various customs and traditions associated with village life. If you want to be a little bit adventurous the option of sleeping in the open amidst the sand dunes and the starry skies makes it wondrous experience for you.

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