Desert Safaris in Dubai

Desert Safaris in Dubai are categorized according to the time of the day during which the safari takes place. There are Morning Desert Safaris, Evening Desert Safaris and Overnight Desert Safaris. All these safaris have separate durations but each offers an exciting and adventures survey of the Dubai desert dunes. Undoubtedly, Desert Safaris in Dubai are becoming increasingly popular among the tourists.
Evening Desert Safaris in Dubai – Mostly land cruisers transport you from the city terminus to the sand dune region. The journey takes roughly 45 minutes to reach the destination. This particular safari is famous because the tourists can stop at dusk to catch a glimpse of the sunset at the desert. Before evening falls the tourists are taken on a roller coaster ride up and down the sand dunes. The excitement is nothing less than enjoying the ‘pirate ship’ rides in the amusement parks.
After the sun goes down the tourists are returned to the campsite usually. From here the evening camel desert safari in Dubai begins. Daylight fades but it ushers in greater excitement. The camels go on a short stroll across the desert with the tourists and then return to the camp where the guests can participate in the camp fires and majhlis that is especially organized for the entertainment of the tourists.
Traditional Bedouin tents are built for the tourists. At night the guests can dine in an Arabian style BBQ enjoying every bit of the Bedouin culture. From Arabian music, dance and smoking traditional Arabian sheesha, the tourists can enjoy everything. After dinner the touring party is transported back to the city.
Morning Desert Safaris in Dubai – The Morning Desert Safari, Dubai is also called the half day desert safari. It has duration of 5 to 6 hours. Tourists can book a car and enjoy the safari in a private way or they can join a group of people who go on the safari. It is usually during the morning safari that the tourists can participate in games like sand boarding and sand skiing.
Overnight Desert Safaris in Dubai – Overnight safaris are similar to the evening safaris. The only difference between these two desert adventure tours in Dubai is that, the tourists get to spend the night at the desert Bedouin camps. Only when it is morning the tourists leave the sand dunes and head for the city.

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