Dessau, the third largest city in Saxony Anhalt, offers a wide range of interesting places. There are cultural events every year, like the Kurt Weill Festival, which offer a wide range of events during a month. The Anhalt Theater, built near the main station, is the largest theater in Saxony Anhalt. The city is the center of the Garden Realm Dessau-Woerlitz.


Dessau-Worlitzer Gartenreich with Landscape Garden Gro Kuhnau, Oranienbaum, Sieglitzer Berg, Leiner Berg, Worlitzer Park and numerous Monuments like the Drehberg recorded in the UNESCO World Heritage.

Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve (protected by UNESCO)

Other Attraction – Zoo at Mausoleums park, Georgium Palace and Park, Kuhnau Palace and Park, Mosigkau Palace and Park, Luisium Palace and Park

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