Diving and Sailing in Tunisia

Diving and Sailing in Tunisia is a fantastic option which adventure seeking tourists can enjoy in Tunisia. Of all the water sports which can be enjoyed in the country diving is the most adventurous while sailing is always smooth and a relaxed form of adventure.
Tunisia is the second largest tourist destination in the Mediterranean. Because of the surrounding deep sea, it is slowly evolving into a good sailing site and a diving spot in the world.
The waters of Tunisia are divided into 2 parts. The northern coast and the Cap Bon are rocky and steep. It opens up to deep waters. Visibility is excellent and so new divers experimenting with the game find it very conducive. The diving process is also more technical here and the sites are varied and rich in Mediterranean fish varieties which include groupers, murenes, gorgonians, coral, mullets and octopuses.
The south and the center of the country, stretching from Hammamet to Jerba Island, are essentially sandy but boast of a few diving sites. The region of Hammamet has several Second World War wrecks where a new diver can practice baptizing, training or readjustment all over the year.
There are several diving schools present in Tabarka, Hammamet and at the point of Cap Bon. They help a tourist fully exploit the complimentary environments. They assist initiation, training, exploration and technical diving.
The sports of sailing and diving also rely on the advantage of Tunisia location. The place is a 2 hour flight from the main European capitals. From north to south of Tunisia there are many hotels from 2 to 5 stars which not only offer comfort, facilities and animation, to enjoy good holidays but also help conciliate diving and family programs.
At Tunisia, the conditions for diving are perfect. There are many different species of coral in and around the place. Diving just a few yards offshore will reveal a colorful landscape of a variety of species of fish.
For the less daring ones sailing is an excellent option. They can set sail in the several cruises serving the coasts of Tunisia. One can also avail fishing boats to go deep into the waters surrounding the sea. Sailing in the waters of Tunisia is a real fun for tourists.