Diving in Italy

Diving in Italy is one of the adventure sports in Italy in which you can indulge yourself to. Apart from history and culture Italy is also known for diving. So if adventure is your cup of tea then surely visit Italy and enjoy diving in Italy. The warm Mediterranean and the Adriatic seas are the perfect places to experience a pleasurable and relaxed Diving in Italy.
Best months to enjoy diving – To have the best of diving make a trip to Italy during the months of April to October. Again among these months it is advisable not to visit during July and august as the temperature becomes too hot. Most of the dive centers remain.

How to get there – If you are a foreigner in this part then avail the flights from UK which will take you to most of the cities in Italy. From here you can hire a bus or take the shuttle service to reach the dive centers.

Type of diving – If you are an avid lover of underwater activities then there is no doubt that you will enjoy diving here as Italy provides you with some exciting and interesting options such as Wrecks in some locations and Rocky reefs with caverns and overhangs.

Type of Marine Life – You can also have a glimpse of some wonderful and rare marine life while you are diving. Catch their photos in your camera and cherish these memories after a long time. The variety in marine life is enormous and it includes species like groupers, breams, octopus, tuna, morays, sponges, scorpion fish, barracuda and corals.

Renowned diving sites – There are many notable diving sites in Italy. But the best of them is in the islands of sicily and Sardinia. Anzio within the province of Lazio is a famous diving site. Here the divers can enjoy the number of wrecks such as the HMS Janus. This place also has historical significance. There are number of cemeteries which you can’t miss out while visiting Anzio. These are mainly due to the fierce battles during the Second World War. Another best spot for diving is Palau situated in the north of Sardinia Island. This is mainly famous for giant rocks, canyons, overhangs, great reefs and little swim throughs. You can also experience here a nice shallow wreck known as Angelika.

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