Diving in Samoa

Scuba diving is still a very new tourist activity in Samoa, which gives divers a virtually untouched territory to tap in to. Just as well, because both Upolu and Savai’i have fabulous dive spots, sporting around 900 fish species, including spinner dolphins, stingrays and whales.
To make their rich marine world more accessible to visitors, sites and facilities are now beginning to open up, and on Upolu, where the fish-densest reefs are situated along the South Coast, the number of companies offering dive excursions is rising rapidly. One Apia-based dive company has even signed up to be trained in rescuing stranded whales they’re the first operator to do so all of Polynesia.
Samoa is also the ‘proud owner’ of 200 types of coral, and much is done to protect the existing coral reefs, as well as grow news ones. This, of course means the fish have more food to survive on, which gives divers more colourful Piscean delights to feast their eyes on.

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