Diving in Switzerland

Diving in Switzerland is a memorable experience for everyone, especially the water babies. Diving is swimming underwater with the use of breathing equipment. It is meant to explore the world, underwater. Diving is a very popular water sport. At first glance, Switzerland is more perfect for mountain hiking, skiing and snowboarding than the water sports. However, the numerous large lakes in Switzerland offer the opportunity of thrilling scuba diving in Switzerland.
There are two main options for scuba diving in Switzerland- scuba diving in lakes and scuba diving in the rivers. Out of them, the lake diving is more popular among the tourists. Some of the popular lakes in Switzerland are the Lake Geneva, the Lake Lucerne, the Lake Morat, the Lake Constance and the Lake Maggiore. The Rhone River and the Aare River are the main rivers in Switzerland. They are ideal for the scuba diving in Switzerland.
The big and deep lakes like Lake Geneva and Lake Zurich are ideal for Diving in Switzerland. Some of the lakes have the sheer face drops that provide a good opportunity for wall scuba diving. Both types of scuba diving give the opportunity of exploring many interesting things such as different geological formations and amazing marine life. Switzerland has many natural springs that are ideal for diving.
Switzerland has variable visibility for scuba diving. Visibility in the lakes ranges from 3 to 10 meters depending upon the conditions and season. As you go deeper, the visibility in the lakes improves. The water visibility for scuba diving in the river ranges from 2 to 30 meters. If the water is clouded with sediments, the visibility is at 30 meters.
Scuba diving requires optimal temperature. The water temperature for scuba diving in Switzerland depends upon seasonal factors too. During winter, the water temperature is very low. It is unfavorable for the scuba diving. However, the scuba diving enthusiasts wear dry suits to get protection from cold water and continue to dive even in this season. During summer, the temperature in Switzerland ranges from 4c to 20c. Hence, it is considered as the ideal season for the scuba diving. Diving in Switzerland gives you an unforgettable experience creating everlasting memories for you.