Dogubeyazit situated in the far East of Turkey at the side of sweeping grass plains that run all the way up to Mount Ararat.


Mount Ararat – 15km from Dogubeyazit, and the best views of the mountain are from here. Climbing permits for Mount Ararat can be arranged, tours to Mt Ararat and Mt Suphan are operated all through the year. To climb Mount Ararat, you will need a permit (50USD). It has to be obtained in advance, and the planned date(s) of your climb has to be specified in the application. Allow at least 45 days for the processing of your application. The application may be submitted by yourself at the Turkish Embassy nearest you, or via a registered Turkish travel agency. If you apply for yourself, the embassy may ask for a supporting letter by the guide you plan to go with (also asking for his registration and license number). If you apply through a travel agency, you will need to send the information of your passport’s photo page, the intended dates for your climb. Make sure, you do get the permit from the travel agent/guide before your climb as you need to have it with yourself in case the jandarma is checking it.

The tour to the Fish Lake takes you to one of the highest lakes in Turkey.

The second-largest meteor crater in the world, just on the Iranian border about 35km east of the town.

On a hill to the south of town, there is the Ishak Pasha Palace, completed in 1784.

The castle and mosque of Old Beyazit, first built by the Urartu but which bear traces of many civilisations.

The Noah’s Ark National Park including the Durupinar site is up in the hills east of town and south of the main highway.

The Ice Cave – on the side of Little Ararat near the village of Hallac.

Balik Golu – a lake in a lava bed, 60km from Dogubeyazit, near Taslicay.

The ruins of the 900BC Urartu temple and palace on the hill of Giriktepe.

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