Dominican Republic Travel Tips

Dominican Republic Travel Tips offer some useful information on various aspects of tourism in this enchanting country. Whether you are looking for information on sightseeing in this country, wildlife tourism or adventure tours available in Dominican Republic, you will find it all here. Just keep reading for more Dominican Republic Travel Tips.
The best time to visit Dominican Republic is from late November to early April as it is comparatively cooler and less humid than other times of the year. You should carry lightweight summer clothes on your trip to this country and be prepared to protect yourself from tropical diseases such as malaria and dengue. Always put sunscreen before stepping put in the sun and carry your shades and caps or umbrellas during daytime. Also, it is advisable that your do not loiter around the city streets late at night as though crime is rare, especially in busy tourist areas, it is always better to be safe than sorry.
Dominican Republic Travel Tips: Wildlife Tourism
If the call of the wild beckons you the most, Dominican Republic is the country to head to. The rich floral and faunal assemblage of Dominican Republic makes it an ideal destination for wildlife enthusiasts who get a chance to see an incredible variety of plants, trees, birds, reptiles, mammals and other animal life that is found here.
There are a number of national parks and wildlife protected areas in Dominican Republic, where you can watch these birds and animals in their natural habitat. These include Los Haitises National Park, Jaragua National Park, National Park Isla Cabritos, Armando Bermudez National Park, Isabel de Torres National Park and La Caleta Submarine National Park.
Dominican Republic Travel Tips: Adventure Tours
The thick vegetation and varied topography of Dominican Republic serve as an ideal backdrop to indulge in various adventure activities. So, if you are an outdoor lover seeking some spine-chilling thrill and excitement, come to this country that offers endless options for hair raising escapades. Some popular adventure tours available in Dominican Republic are Bavaro Runners Safari Adventure, Manati Park tours, Monster Truck Safari, Ocean World Adventure Park, Outback Jungle Safari and Puerto Plata Runners Safari Adventure.

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