Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic covers two thirds of the Hispaniola Island, it shares the beauty of the island with Haiti. The most beautiful place that human eyes have ever seen is what Columbus said when he landed here in 1492. He was of course prejudiced, in desperate need of a small success and hadn’t seen any land for some time then, but there is still quite a bit of truth in his observation.
One of the first things the Spaniards did in this charming new discovery of theirs is massacre all the inhabitants. Within 13 years 600,000 Taino indians were killed.

Santo Domingo is the chief city of the Dominican Republic. The colonial zone is absolutely worth a visit – it features the Calle de las Damas, the oldest street in the new world.

Unfortunately, many tourists don’t come farther than Puerto Plata City with its fabulous beaches….this makes the North Coast (Amber Coast) an unspoilt paradise for a wonderful tropical holiday.

While you visit the Dominican Repuplic you must sample some of their restaurants. On the Old City at Santo Domingo, right across the historic Alcazar de Colon, you will find one of the best restaurant I have dined in.

It is called Pate Palo and it is world famous for their churrasco marinated in cumin and honey. It’s unique flavor will send your taste buds into orbit. Their food presentation is also first class and their desserts are to die for.

There are numerous fine dining establishments in the old town of Santo Domingo, however, you will pay a hefty price to dine at these restaurants (American fine dining prices). For a cheaper alternative there are also fantastic hamburger carts along El Conde, which offer unique and tasty hamburgers and hot dogs.

Be careful as their casinos are not regulated nor watched by anyone. This opens up the chances that you will be scammed. There is a game in particular that you should stay away from. It goes by the name of Super Keno or Dominican Keno. It is not the keno you wil find in most U.S. Casinos, but a progressive game that it is a scam. As you enter the Casino you will receive some free chips from a very attractive sweet young lady to test a new game. You will soon find yourself thinking that you could actually win the game but in actuallity you are being set up to be cleaned out of your money.

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