Douala town : Douala is located at the center of coastal plain . It is a sedimentary basin noted for its low altitude. Douala has an estuary port localized on the left bank of the river Wouri . Founded in in 1900 , the town of Douala was called KAMERUN . It became the capital of German Cameroon in 1884 under the denomination Douala ; name of main tribe of the region in 1901.

Culture : Made up of the Sawa ( the people of the coast ) the Douala population is very diversified . It is characterized by a high cultural activity. The Ngondo is an opportunity for the Sawa people to make contacts with their ancestors living in the water. It is also marked by a canoe race on the wouri .

Touristic sites

The Castle of Prince Dika Akwa ,
The Island of Manoka in Djebale ;
The Sandaga and the central markets ;
Youpwe ( The village of Fishermen ).
The Bridge on river wouri , the main ONCPB museum at the htel de ville ;
March de fleurs and its Arts objects ,
The Pagoda of King Bell ;
The statue of New Liberty at the Deido round about .

Mungo : The falls of Ekom Nkam, amongst the best in the country ; The caves of Mbokambo The forest bessounkang with its rare fuels , Monkeys , as well as porcupine antelopes, Mount Nlonako Kupe and Manenguba , with rare bird species preserved by WWF ( World Wild fund for Nature ) . ; The Mbo plain and its fauna rich in Elephants situated on the Melong – Dschang highway through Santchou . The Banana plantations of SPNP , the SBM , Banana plantation of Del Mont Corporation . Lake Njoungo , surrounded by Pawpaw , Pineapple and Banana plantation . Nyombe flower plantations ; The twin lake , its vast plateau and its large horse reserves , where the Bororos live . ( Breeders ) .

Edea : Fauna reserves in Douala – Edea ( Lake Ossa ) with its 7 lakes favorable for duck hunting and sunday relaxations . The cave ( grotto ) of Ngoglituba ( a place for pilgrimage ) . A Marienberg catholic mission , a recommended place for your pilgrimage , situated after Dizangue on the road to Mouanko. The Island of Swelaba. The German bridge on river Sanaga in Edea . The Rubber tree plantation in Dizangue .

Yabassi : The Nkom Itea rock ; The North Makombe falls . The Nkongkok (Nkombeke) falls.