Dragon Boat Festival Taiwan

This festival is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month and is among one of the major holidays that the Chinese celebrate in a year. The festival is an effort to ward off diseases and evil spirits.
The importance of the festival has grown manifolds due to the legend of the patriot poet Chu Yuan. It is often believed that the festival is in place to commemorate the death anniversary of the legendary poet Chu Yuan who committed suicide by jumping in to the river to protest the high handedness and the misrule of the king. It is also believed that one of the petty princes of the state had accused him falsely.
The legend also has that when the people failed to rescue the great poet the dropped rice dumplings tightly wrapped in bamboo leaves into the water to prevent the fishes from feeding on the body of the poet and also perhaps to nourish the spirit of the deceased.
Today boat races are held all over the country with foreign teams also joining in at a regular basis. There are some dishes which are associated with the festival with the most important being Tzung Tzu which is eaten out of respect for the deceased as well as for the nutritional value that it brings with it.

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