Dream World – Amusement Park

Dream World is good picnic and tourist spot near Bangkok. Specially for family outing. If you are planning to visit then must be prepare for whole day.

Dream World is a large amusement park in Thanyaburi district, Pathum Thani province, Thailand. The park includes three roller coasters, and rides for the whole family.

The park has been divided into several zones with specific group of rides. Such as Dream World Plaza, Dream Gardens, Fantasy Land, and Adventure Land.

The interior of this park is filled with 40 over imported thrill rides and family attractions. However, the park’s main attractions would be Asia’s first hanging coaster located in the middle part of Adventure land, and the copy of Grand Canyon in form of river ralf attraction.

Dream Garden
Dream Garden is the specific zone with the nature themed. This zone appeared to be the surrounding of the lake in the middle of the theme park, and also the setting for the parade show called “The Color of the World” on every weekends.

Fantasy Land
This area is filled with many different themes of the fairy tales from all over the world. It is located right on the middle zone of the theme park.

Adventure Land
It is the largest zone of the theme park. This area is filled with many thrill rides and attractions. This Adventure Land appears to be in the space and future world’s theme, not the jungle themed as it is in Disneyland. There has been controversy over the music played in this area of the park due to the park’s usage of songs containing obscene language despite the park’s overall family-friendly image. The volume has also been cited as an area of scrutiny.

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