One of Germany’s most beautiful cities is Dresden, about 90 minutes from Leipzig. Its famous buildings and museums, the Semperoper, Zwinger and the newly restored Frauenkirche are awe-inspiring and the landscape is breathtaking. Situated under the mountains, on the River Elbe, Dresden is picturesque and charming. The Dresden Marketplace is alive with street perfomers,open air markets and shops and restaurants. Famous for its china, you can pick up some lovely porcelain while you are there.

Dresden-Sightseeing ========

Dresden is absolutely full of great sights to see and has an incredible ambiance. Visit the Pillnitz Castle When in Dresden.The Pillnitz Castle harkens back to another time, situated on the banks of the Elbe River, the grounds are graced by three lovely pavilions and English and Chinese gardens. With its flying buttresses and chimneys ornamented with crowns, this is the only castle of its size in Europe reflecting East Asian styles, making it one of the most important examples of chinoiserie architecture in Europe. The castle is best reached via one of the Elbe boats but can be reached via public transport as well.

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