Dress of Samoa

The traditional ladies clothing is the puletasi which is a matching skirt and tunic with Samoan designs. The lava lava is a sarong which may be worn by men or women. They are of different patterns and colors, but tend to be plain for men who may wear it as part of an official uniform. Some men have intricate and geometrical patterns tattooed onto their lower body and upper legs. The tattooing process is performed without any anaesthesia and is said to be painful.
Puletasi – The puletasi is a traditional item of clothing worn by Samoan girls. Today, puletasi is used as female full dress. Most commonly worn to church and formal samoan cultural events. The puletasi is the traditional samoan dress for not only girls, but older women as well. it is a two piece dress with a skirt and a top. and it is usually worn to cultural events, church, and to any formal event. in recent years, different styles and improvisions have been made.
Lava-lava – It is worn by both men and women, in uses from school uniforms to business attire with a suit jacket and tie. It consists of a single rectangular cloth worn like a kilt or skirt.
Sarong – It is a large sheet of fabric, often wrapped around the waist and worn as a skirt by men and women.

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