Drogenap Tower in Zutphen of Netherlands

The Drogenap Tower, Zutphen is a tower which can be dated back to the medieval time. Originally built as a city gate, the Drogenap Tower, Zutphen was soon closed. In the foreground is the statue of Thomas Drogenap who was the town musician in the 16th century. He lived in the tower. Thomas Drogenap is a character from the 17th century with a ‘droge nap’ (a dry or empty beaker). A thirsty man, Thomas Drogenap always wanted his drinking cup to be refilled all the time. Drogenap Tower, Zutphen has been restored well.

Zutphen is a historic city which existed since the Roman times and it is among the oldest medieval cities in the Netherlands. The city is situated in a river valley beside the river Ussel. There are regular train services to Zutphen from the other major cities of the country. Another place of interest to visit in Zutphen is the St. Walburgiskerk which is a beautiful Gothic church.

Apart from Drogenap Tower, Zutphen, you will find here other places of interest which you can visit and these are Municipal Museum, Town Hall, Groenmarkt, Museum Henriette Polak, The Stadhuis and the Winehouse Tower.


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