Dry and relatively cool climate make Gambia best to visit

The best time to travel in Gambia is from November to February, when conditions are dry and relatively cool. Around this time of year, however, the dry, dusty harmattan winds blow off the Sahara. During the wet season (June to October), popular tourist areas are less crowded and cheaper, though the rains can make some of the smaller dirt roads inaccessible, and diseases, including malaria, are more widespread. The peak tourist season lasts from October to April, which coincides with visiting migratory birds.

Catch the International Roots Festival in late June and/or early July.

Gambia is a sliver in the side of Africa, one of its tiniest countries, but its attractions are just as bright as any in the region. The capital city, Banjul, is a uniquely African experience, with good-humored locals and a street side culture that chases away the holiday daze of glitzier cities.

For an even more ‘traditional’ outlook, a quick trip upriver brings you into the Gambian heartland, where the colorful buzz of weekly markets vies for your attention with boat trips through mangrove creeks and bike jaunts to mud-hut villages.

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