Most people correlate Dubai with breath-taking skyscrapers, but the connection goes much deeper.

A veritable oasis of urbanity teeming with trade opportunities and a more liberal outlook on Arab life, modern Dubai is a beacon of progress for the rest of the Arab world. The past years have been witnesses to the transformation of the Emirate from a bustling pearl diving town to a growing business hub for much of the Middle East.

Take a Dubai dhow cruise and as you pass by the skyline, you will be able to experience and appreciate this transformation better.

Ruled by an ancient and established monarchy system, an able government body helms Dubai and actively encourages and professes progress and a cosmopolitan attitude. Such vision is largely responsible for the impressive strides the Emirate has made in recent years.

Prime real estate, convenient public amenities and a perceptive tax-free system makes it easier on tourists and business executives to travel around Dubai and conduct business with and within the city. There is no dearth of temporary luxury and budget accommodations either, making residence and Dubai excursions a travelers delight.

Transportation for tourists is easy to come by thanks to a choice of taxis, private vehicles, tourist buses and car rental services. For women especially, there are dedicated transport services and public amenities offered by the government.

Your Dubai excursions may be for recreational reasons or for business, it could be temporary or for a longer duration. To explore the length and breadth of Dubai within whatever period you have, it would be best to hire the services of an established Dubai tour company. Consulting one will give you more time to explore and experience the beauty and wonder that is Dubai.

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