Dusseldorf is one of the nicest towns in Germany. It is a handsome and elegant, modern city on the banks of the Rhine River. It is Germany’s fashion capital. The beautiful Aldstadt (Old Town) is home to hundreds of lovely restaurants and shops. Home to one of the most outrageous Carnival celebration in Germany, Dusseldorf is an elegant, vibrant city with one of the finest shopping areas in Germany as well as over 260 bars and restaurants directly in the Aldstadt.


Located directly on the Rhine River, in the Rhine Valley, a few km from Cologne and Bonn. The city seems to be built on the river and is not far from the industrial centers of the Ruhr Valley. Midway between Frankfurt and Hamburg, the city has gained prominence because of its excellent location for commerce.


The city parks provide a pleasant haven when your feet get weary. End your wanderings in Old Town (adjacent to downtown), which has been turned into a large open-air pedestrian mall with restaurants clubs and stores. Dusseldorf is also home to the largest Japanese population in Europe and boasts a number of excellent Japanese restaurants and shops and a striking Buddhist temple. There are several old castles and churches in the area. They can be visited as day trips. Another very interesting day trip can be made to Museum Insel Hombroich.


You can fly into the Dusseldorf International Airport on a few direct flights from the US and the airport is very easy to negotiate with trains into the city. Getting to Dusseldorf by train is easy from anywhere in Germany.


Dusseldorf has countless hotels to suit almost any taste and budget. If you have the budget, try to stay at the Intercontinental Hotel on Konigsallee, but there are plenty of other nice places to stay.


Dusseldorf is the home of Albier, a dark top fermented beer that is really quite good. Don’t order Kolsh in Dusseldorf – not that you are likely to get it regardless. In the old town (Aldstadt) alone which only encompasses a few blocks there are beer gardens, restaurants and bars galore so you can easily find a good place for a little Eisbein and Altbier. For a romantic evening and lovely dinner, try the Victorian in the center of town.


Dusseldorf is the fashion capital of Germany and as such it has some great shopping areas.

Konigsallee has a number of elegant shopping arcades, designer boutiques abound and beckon the buyer with deep pockets.

Schadowstrasse offers countless department stores and shops and is one of the busiest shopping areas in Germany.

Dusseldorf’s old quarter, known as the world’s longest bar because of all the bars and pubs, has numerous passageways and side streets full of trendy little shops.

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