Dzukou Valley

The Dzukou Valley is tucked away at 2438 metres above sea level, behind the Japfu range in the north eastern state of Nagaland in India. As the month of June & September arrives, the entire valley is covered with a carpet of wild flowers – white rhododendron, lilies and wild flowers. The Dzukou Valley is one of the most ideal place for peace and nature lovers. The D zukou Valley is just 30 km from Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland. The swirling streams that loiters through Dzukou freezes during extreme winter.

The Flora of Dzukou Valley -Untouched by civilisation and splendiferous in its beauty, this valley otherwise called the valley of celestial charm has an tempting appeal to all who gaze it. In summer, wild herbs and shrubs sprout along the stream banks. Lilies in white and pink, euphorbias, aconitums and hundreds of other botanical species in varied colours adorn the valley in monsoon. Though Dzukou is known for its bio-diversity, the predominant plant is the tough bamboo brush because of which it looks like a justly mown lawn from far away. Rhododendrons of different colours beatify the hills abounding the valley.

This is one of the best trekking spots in the North-Eastern Region. The valley is surrounded by hills, natural caves & rocks and is thus, ideal for camping. Inspite of the difficult terrain and non-availability of facilities, this is one of the most frequented trekking spots in the entire North East India. Its emerald green rolling hills interlinked by gentle flowing streams are trekker’s fancy. A few tourist rest houses are constructed for trekkers.