East Region

The East Region

The region of the rising sun is an ideal place for synergetic tourism and discovery.

Bertoua region

The caves of Tchouan .
The camp of pygmies in Mayos , Mbiang .

Abong Mbang region

The central prison of Abong Mbang ( a German architecture ).

The caves of Ntimbe situated 18kms from Abong Mbang .

The Prefecturate of Abong Mbang ( a German construction ) Pygmies grove in the region of Lomi.

The four headed palm tree of Nka , in Nka village .
The Dr Jeamots Head quaters ( the Doctor who eradicated sleeping sickness ) around Abong Mbang .

Mpavek palm tree with four branches of equalsizes.

Malene grove .

The town of Doume with its German constructions : the church and the central prison .
The Dja fauna reserve shelters elephants, chimpazees, gorillas and buffaloes.
Colonial buildings in Messamena .
The peak of Pandi .
The Pindi Mountain with its 3 summits , 20 kms from Batouri .
The rapids of Ndong.
The Limboka island along the Bertoua Batouri Road .
The Mali falls situated9 kms from Betare Oya .
The national park of Pangar Djerem .
The caves of LOlo in the region of Ndelele .
The fauna reserve of koumbangbilaat 20 kms from the village .