Eat Food of Different Countries in Suriname

Because of the ethnic diversity there a variety of exotic food available. Indian (specially roti with chicken), Chinese, Javanese (Indonesian), Creole.
Although Indonesian food might be appropriate, the Indonesian people we have in Suriname are mostly if not all from the island Java. And Java has its own cuisine which is different from Indonesian food. Furthermore as you might have guessed the food has evolved to a more Surinamese culture and is thus (very) different from food you’d find in Java. Nevertheless it tastes great and you should try it. The most popular places where you would find such food is in ‘warung’s’ Lelydorp on your way from the airport to Paramaribo, or Blauwgrond in Paramaribo, and since recently near the bridge in Commewijne.
Chinese food tastes great everywhere in the world. Suriname is no exception. Good restaurants can be found in Paramaribo
East Indian food is less spicy compared to original Indian food, but still a well appreciated meal.
International menu are available in the more expensive downtown restaurant and hotels in Paramaribo.
Suriname wouldn’t be the tropical paradise it is without its a wide variety of great fruit juices. Even the well known orange juice is a sensational taste, but do not hesitate to try great tropical fruits like passion fruit(known locally as ‘markoesa’) or soursap, better known as Guanabana(locally known as ‘zuurzak’). Since locals have an apetite for sweet, sugar is added to most juices you buy in bottles. For pure juice it is best to ask for fresh made juice.
The Javanese have a pink drink called dawet,which consists of coconut milk.
Try to get a local ‘east-indian’ to make you a glass of lassi if you have the chance.
Beer: Try the local ‘Parbo-beer’, which when comes in 1 liter bottles is called a ‘djogo’. Of course imported beer is also available. Rum: Borgoe and Black Cat.

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