Eco Tourism in Taiwan

Eco tourism is picking up in recent years and the government has also taken the right kind of steps and initiatives. The government had taken the pro active step of declaring the year 2002 as a year for eco-tourism which has gone a long way in promoting eco-tourism in the country that is naturally gifted with eco-tourist attractions.
The island is blessed with some beautiful mountains and some indigenous flora and fauna.
Migratory visitors also come visiting in great hordes and numbers and they are a treat to watch. One impending problem with eco-tourism in Taiwan is the unorganized nature of sector with even the national parks not easily accessible to the tourists.
One thing which has really taken off in Taiwan is agro-tourism which started in the 1980’s to help the farmers to cope with the downward production trends. These places have become a haven a city dwellers who want a break from their mundane city life to enjoy the farm orchards, and indulge in activities like bird watching, picnicking and other playful activities.
However the rampant increase in the agro tourism activities has meant that it started straying on the wrong side of environmental laws. The government should take steps to curb this problem and encourage the growth of healthy agro-tourism since it is an inseparable and important part of eco-tourism in Taiwan.

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