da is a city located in the Cameronian area of the Littoral on the Sanaga river and along transcamerounais, the railroad connecting Douala to Yaounde. It is the chief town of the department of theMaritime one.

The city is one of rare the point of passage allowing the crossing of Sanaga between Douala and Yaounde. A bridge built by German was until beginning of the year 80 the single point of passage of the train, the vehicles and the pedestrians, on only one way. It has just been arranged in cycle path. Eda is a known industrial town mainly for its industry of aluminum. The factory was established on an island formed by an arm of Sanaga to benefit from a waterfall making it possible to produce electricity. It was for this reason the first electrified city of Cameroun. There are also a mechanical engineering industry and a bauxite mine.

In the neighborhoods of the city, many farms cultivating banana, palm trees or cacao-trees are.

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