Ella Rock

Ella has one of the best tourism sites to travel. Ella rock located at Ella town is a great answer to the travelers whom are expecting astonishment. The destination is connected with hiking, nature, panorama, train tracks, tea plantations and waterfalls. Along the way you will have spectacular views over the valley Ella Gap. The landscape was incredibly green and lush, even at this height, almost 2000 m!

Ella rock is a great place for a small adventure travel as you can explore a large entire area with hiking, walking and enjoying. The easiest way to the Ella rock begins from a train rail track, go along the tracks away from city for about 1.5 km until you meet a small waterfall. Even Some foreign tourists say that it was the 1st time that they got to walk on a railway. The route to the Ella rock is not clearly marked perhaps you will get lost if you chose the wrong track. The track to the Ella rock is a steep climb. The journey will take you up to the hill for a stupendous view of mountain ranges and the valley. In my opinion it will be awesome if you could travel to the area early in the morning. If so you can enjoy the sun set as well as the bio diversity. It should be noted that the Ella rock is known as the highest peak of the Ella area. At afternoons it will feel quite tired to the travelers and the entire area gets covered with abiding clouds.

On the way you may get attacked by leeches or spiders. Those creatures are eagerly waiting to taste hot blood. Bring some lime with you and if you are beaten, put few drops on the leech and it will leave you at once. The locals near the village of Ella rock will help you to find the place. It’s important to note that don’t trust them at all.

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