Endau Rompin National Park

Johor Tourist Attractions is not limited to shrines and temples or god buildings but it also includes many green and beautiful parks. Endau- rompin National Park, Johor is one of the foremost parks here. This place is the haven of many kinds of plants, animals and other wild animals. Endau- rompin National Park, Johor is situated at a place that is not far to reach. Travelers will have to spare at least a day to explore this 48, 905 hectares long park.

Endau- rompin National Park, Johor has rocks that are as old as 48 million years. There are many hills in this park. You will also come across some sand stone formations. The park is famous for the presence of some rivers that are important parts of its terrain. These rivers are Endau River, Jasin River and Selai River.

To visit this place what needs is a pass from the National Park (Johor) Corporation. This park is a perfect location for doing research on plants and animal species. There is a special kind of palm that one will see here. Livistona Endauensis. You can also take the pleasure of angling here.

Among the animals that tourists will find in this Endau- rompin National Park, Johor is Sumatran rhinoceros. It is one of the most endangered species in the world. In this park the authorities have taken good care of these animals so they can increase their number. In fact this park does have the largest number of these rhinos.

Endau- rompin National Park, Johor is one of the places that is quite near to Kuala Lumpur. If you are in Singapore then you can access the park from that country as well. That is why it is one of the most interesting of all Johor Attractions.

Travelers can also take a boat and go towards the Guling Waterfalls. The part where this place is situated inside the park is known as the Kuala Marang. This area is also known for the existence of a large number of volcanic rocks.