Ensenada is the third-largest city in the Mexican state of Baja California. The city is backed by small mountain ranges. Due to its location on the Pacific Ocean and Mediterranean latitude, the weather tends to be mild year-round. Although the winter rain season is short and the area is prone to prolonged droughts, Ensenada sits in the heart of a wine country that is widely regarded as the best in Mexico.

The name Ensenada actually means Bay in Spanish, and the city obviously derives much from the bay with it’s large harbor.


Ensenada area has several celebrated surfing spots, such as San Miguel Beach, California Trailer Park, Stacks and 3 M’s, which are located in the north coast of the city. Todos Santos Island (better known as ‘Todos’) is a small island located west of Ensenada (about 2 hours by boat), and a world famous surfing spot.

The nearby town of Guadalupe, was founded by immigrant Russian Molokans in the late nineteenth century. Most of the Molokan community re-migrated towards California’s Central Valley in the mid-twentieth century, and a Russian Museum commemorating their legacy in the region has been established.

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